I was browsing around on the internet this morning and I ran across a website plugin called PodiPodi.  Basically it looks like they took Enso from Humanized, ported it to the web and now offer it as a service to webmasters, allowing them to add it to their site.

On July 7th they entered “public beta” (aka you can use it now and it’s going to be an ongoing project that will never actually have a real release, much like every other web 2.0 site.)  Looking at their updates on the main page it seems like they’re coming out with new features for it somewhat regularly.

When you come across a PodiPodi enabled site, you can hold shift and press space. You’ll then be presented with a text box in the top left corner of the page that looks similar to this:

Empty PodiPodi command box.

Empty PodiPodi command box.

You can then type a command into the box and hit enter, in this case I’m searching Flickr for the term “nature”:

Searching Flickr for nature through PodiPodi

Searching Flickr for nature through PodiPodi

After this, hitting enter will execute the command and the results will be displayed in the middle of the screen:

PodiPodi Flickr Results for the search term 'nature'

PodiPodi Flickr Results for the search term 'nature'

The features currently supported include:

  • calculate (calculates a simple mathematical expression)
  • find (finds text on the site)
  • flickr (searches flickr)
  • google (searches google)
  • google images (search google images)
  • open (opens a section of the site)
  • send comment (sends a comment to the web master)
  • twitter (gets the 20 most recent updates for a twitter account)
  • yahoo (searches yahoo)
  • yahoo images (searches yahoo images)
  • youtube (searches youtube)

If you’re looking for a quick way to “integrate” your site with all of these different services and also add a few neat (read somewhat useless) features to your site, this offers that, along with a very nice and unique user interface.

  • http://www.robotsdontsleep.net RyanTheRobot

    LOL this really doesn’t seem all that useful, other than allowing a way for a user to interact with other sites while browsing your site. However, I can do that pretty easily right now by hitting Ctrl+T and opening a new tab w/ the website I want in it.

    I guess ultimately it’s just meant to be a flashy addition to a website, proving that it can be done? I’m still not entirely sure.

  • http://www.rexflex.net/ Rex Morgan

    Yeah, I agree a lot of the commands that don’t have anything to do with the page are somewhat out of context, making it pretty useless.

    I thought it was just cool that someone took Enso and recreated it in javascript.

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