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Here it goes again

Quarter 5 here at Neumont University has started. Luckily I got into golf class so at least I get to have a little fun in between all of the work. This is what my schedule is looking like this quarter.

  • Golf
  • Game Programming
  • Calculus
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Development in the J2EE Framework I
  • Projects IV

I’m pretty excited for the Projects class. This quarter I’m working on the PHPGedView project. Which is currently ranked #2 on the list of most active projects on sourceforge. My group is responsible for creating an Open “Source” Repository so that people can easily find more sources to look up information about their family tree. It’s a very interesting project and I can’t wait until we get past the database design and start the coding.

I also landed a grading position this quarter, so I have some source of income. I’m grading the Topics in Software Development, which is a class that all of the new students have to take. It’s pretty interesting to see the different things that get turned in and the different ways people decide to do things.

I’ve started playing World of Warcraft again after giving it up for about a month. I’ve decided that I’m going to finish leveling my Rogue and transfer it to Kalecgos since they’ve opened realm transfers. Most of the people that I used to play with decided to give the game up, and I have some friends on Kalecgos, so.. goodbye Tichondrius.

That’s really all that’s going on right now. Since it’s 1AM and I have Golf bright and early in the morning, I’m going to bed.

It’s the 4th Quarter now

Well, yesterday started the fourth quarter here at Neumont. Here’s my class lineup

  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Astronomy
  • Development in the .NET Environment III
  • Projects III
  • Role-Based Software Development
  • Trigonometry

It ought to be a fairly good quarter. I’ve got a pretty good team for projects and none of the classes seem too overwhelming.

I’ve decided to give wow a break for awhile. I’m going to try and find something interesting to code in my spare time instead. Either that or try and find something fun to do here in Salt Lake City, which probably won’t happen anytime soon. It seems all of the clubs are only 21+ which really sucks. My roommate found a promising hookah bar to go to, but after we made the plans to go, we found out you had to be 21 to get into it. So those plans were shot down pretty quickly.

Project 2 — Complete

Finally, we’ve finished our second, and final, project for Projects 1.  Code freeze was tonight and we got it in.  I must say it’s probably the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on, but it’s over.  Seriously, why not use objects in an object oriented programming language?  Classes, who needs those… I don’t really get it, but whatever.  We turned in our Form1.cs that contained over 2500 lines of code and called it good.  I’m hoping that next quarter I can get in a team with someone that has more knowledge of program design so that I can really learn how programs such as these are supposed to be coded.

It’s been awhile…

It’s been quite awhile but I figured since I’m paying for the hosting, I might as well post something up here. It’s now the second quarter here at Neumont, and I’m taking 6 classes:

* Collaboration and Interpersonal Communications I
* Development in the .NET Environment I
* Information Modeling I
* Linguistics
* Projects I
* Relational Databases I

The classes are harder, and I don’t have nearly has much free time as I did last quarter, but it’s still pretty cool. Learning all about .NET/C#, databases, and team work has been really fun. Today I had my Linguistics mid-term, which seems to be really early since this is only the 3rd or 4th week of school, but whatever. I think I did pretty good on it.

Some friends and I decided to pick up the classic game Age of Empires 2, and the four of us were up until one this morning doing a multiplayer game. It was 2v2 and it lasted over five and a half hours. My side attacked and forced someone out of their base, and they had to rebuild inside his teammate’s base. Then after they got their stuff built back up and defended our attacks, came back with tons of guys and whomped my team. It was pretty fun since I haven’t played that game in over four years.

I still play WoW, but not so much anymore. I’ve been so busy with all this school work that I haven’t had a lot of time for all that.

There’s my quick update. Leave me some comments or send me an email.

WoW is taking over my life

WoW has pretty much taken over my life. When I get home from school, I get on WoW, during the weekends; you won’t find me in downtown Salt Lake City. No, you’ll find me on Tichondrius as a Gnome Warlock with the username Qwik.

I added a section to my photos page where I can post all the pictures I take for my digital photography class. Right now there’s only one, but I should end up getting more.

Today we had to take a VXML quiz, which was pretty easy, but VXML really sucks. It’s a way of programming applications for users to access via telephones. The class is a survey course where we just briefly touch on a few subjects. The next topic we cover is GDI, which should be pretty fun. My mom said that if I get all A’s in my classes, she’ll get me a new computer, that should be pretty cool.

Since it’s almost 1A.M. I’m going to go to bed. Later.