My name is Rex Morgan and I'm a Staff Software Engineer in Austin, TX working at Indeed.

I love learning new languages and tinkering with new technologies. I'm currently having fun with Elixir, Java, C#, and Kubernetes.

Scaling Web Applications

When trying to scale applications horizontally that weren't built with that in mind, you'll undoubtly be tasked with moving state around so that it can be available to each instance of the application.

OpenBSD Machine Setup

I recently decided to give OpenBSD a shot and wanted to document the process I used to get the system up and running for anyone else that might find this. These steps have been tested to work on OpenBSD 6.4.

Using ILMerge to hide Dependencies

A few days ago I needed to install a nuget package to get some work done. Unfortunately, it depends on a higher version of Newtonsoft.Json than what we were currently using. I briefly looked into upgrading the version of Newtonsoft.Json across the application, but that ended up looking like more work than the original task I was working on.

Scratching the Itch

A couple of weeks ago I found an article by Ryan Day about implementing the Nasdaq ITCH protocol in python. I was really excited about this because I had always thought the barriers to entry for writing a program relating to the stock market would be very high. Turns out writing an application for stock markets is not the barrier, it's getting the live data needed to be able to make money with it.