My name is Rex Morgan and I'm a Staff Software Engineer in Austin, TX working at Indeed.

I love learning new languages and tinkering with new technologies. I'm currently having fun with Elixir, Java, C#, and Kubernetes.

Possible Shortcomings of Groupon

The other day I was reading an article titled Grouponed to death? at The CX Rx. It hit a lot of points that I've always thought about these deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, and the 100's of other clones that have been popping up.

FubuMVC: Partial Views

Today I was working on getting a partial view working properly in FubuMVC and started trying stumbling through it, very unsuccessfully. I ended up reaching out to Joshua Arnold for help with it. I'd like to share it with everyone that might be having trouble with them.

AES/Rijndael Encryption

I've been pretty busy with work lately, but it has been very interesting. The past couple of days I've been working with the AES/Rijndael to encrypt sensitive user data in the application I'm currently working on. It has been pretty interesting and has proven to be quite a learning experience.

Performance of Different Types of For Loops

In an old post I found online the author asks how you would go about writing a simple for loop. I was bored tonight, so I wrote a simple program to time several different types of loops to confirm which is the fastest at iterating through a generic list, yes... that bored. My list contained 67,108,863 integers.